Erika Foster

Growing up in Portland, OR in sixth grade I spent a week with my class at Outdoor School studying the natural world. Since this time my passion for soil and plant science grew. I pursued my interests at the University of Montana in the College of Forestry, receiving a BA in Environmental Studies, a BS in Resource Conservation and a minor in Wilderness Studies. After taking a year to work in Alaska as a naturalist guide, pick up a little Spanish in Central America, and overwinter on the ski slopes of the West, I am joining the GDPE and working under Francesca Cotrufo of Soil and Crop Sciences. My overarching interests in soil and plant science, climate change, forest restoration and sustainable agriculture perfectly intersect in the study of biochar. I will be assisting Francesca with an ongoing project looking at the effect of biochar soil amendments on plant growth and in the future will study the effects and feasibility of biochar application on a widespread scale.