Yamina Pressler

Halfway through my undergraduate degree in Environmental Management at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I fell in love with soils. After a year on the soil judging team and various soils courses, I couldn't possibly imagine myself pursuing a career outside of this discipline. I have always had an interest in science education and the GDPE is allowing me to pursue both research interests throughout my time in graduate school. I am joining the GDPE under the advising of Francesca Cotrufo and John Moore, with whom I will explore my interests in soil ecology, carbon sequestration, soil organic matter, global change and science education. My research focus lies at the intersection of soil ecology and soil genesis where I will study the influence of bioturbation on deep soil carbon dynamics. In addition, my work will include a component of science education research in students of all age groups in order to understand how students learn complex concepts in ecology and soil science.