Xoco Shinbrot

Born in Canada, but a native Californian, I received my undergraduate degree in Environment and International Development from McGill University and Masters of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University. My past research has included a longitudinal study of the socio-economic impacts of a carbon offset project in rural Panama, an ecological assessment of changing water levels on invertebrate communities in Ireland, and an assessment of the impact of off-road vehicles and beach grooming on the ecology of Southern Californian beaches. Following graduation from Johns Hopkins University, I worked for World Wildlife Fund analyzing the social, environmental, and economic risks to investing and sourcing agricultural commodities internationally. I then worked for the non-profit Beyond Pesticides to reduce the use of contaminants, encouraging the use of organic practices. For my PhD I will be working under Professor Gillian Bowser to assist in an ongoing project looking at the impacts of cattle ranching in highland Peru on downstream people and ecosystems. I intend to expand on my previous work examining the efficacy of payment for ecosystem services, its ecological and socio-economic impact and their role for women in Latin America.