Daniel Kotter

After graduating from the University of Southern Indiana and working for a year with the Kentucky Geological Survey, I moved to Northwest Montana to start what would be seven years as a researcher with the National Park Service, United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the University of Montana. As a scientist with the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, I began working with the aquatics program, including the assessment of climate impacts on native aquatic ecosystems in the Flathead River watershed and in-stream flow modeling and geomorphic assessment of Bull Trout and Westslope Cutthroat Trout habitat in Northwest Montana. In 2011, I continued work with the USGS and the University of Montana as a GIS Specialist on the Grizzly Bear DNA project. After project completion in 2013, I assisted with a Colorado State University research project in Glacier National Park and subsequently as an Environmental Specialist with a consulting firm on the Colorado Front Range. For my M.S., I will be working on a National Science Foundation long term research project studying state transition and trophic cascades in Yellowstone National Parkâ??s Northern Range. The emphasis of my research are the feedbacks between beavers, geomorphic stability, and groundwater â?? surface water interactions. When not at the office, I enjoy fly fishing, mountaineering, birding, cooking, and photography.