Lewis Messner

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Ecology, and I have the privilege of working with Dr. David Cooper and PhD. candidate, Andrea Borkenhagen on vegetative success in peat-fen reclamation sites in the oil-sand mines of Alberta, Canada. I hail from the lower peninsula of the Great Lakes State, and received my Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology and Plant Biology from Michigan State University in 2010. Shortly after, I began working for a small wetland consulting firm, focusing mainly on habitat management, invasive species control, and in-lieu-fee mitigation practices. After two years, I transitioned into the regulatory sector, and began managing the wetland program for the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas. I was exposed to land management in the context of Nonpoint Source Pollution and water quality, and had the opportunity to partner with several Tribal government, US government, and local individuals in tackling water quality related issues. Outside of my career activities I enjoy many distractions including running, backpacking, live music, and dancing.