Brittany Smith

I am excited to be part of the Paul Ode lab and BSPM department at CSU. Having recently graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) with a BS in Biology: Ecology and Evolution I have been exploring my love of science and ability to surround myself with nature for as long as I can remember. With brief work looking at both fungal colonization and root chemical components in Porter�s Lovage at UCCS. I look forward to studying how elevation gradient and (possibly) climate change affects furanocoumarin concentrations, species interactions, and phenology within the Cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum) and Copidosoma sosares parasitoid natural enemy system. While you may see, me shuffling the halls of Plant Science harboring a stack of papers, or carrying an obtrusive back-pack feel free to say �hi� as I love learning anything from parasitoids to pollination. I look forward to my time here at CSU and am excited to apply some perspectives I�ve learned from the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory and my undergrad. with new insights from my peers and colleagues to perpetuate a successful project and career in Ecology.