Following Dean Stromberger’s directive,  the GDPE office will not be staffed, but will be working remotely. Therefore, the GDPE Admin team would like to request that if you need any forms signed, you contact Dawn Koschnitzki (,  Jennifer Neuwald (, and Alan Knapp ( to coordinate how to best handle retrieving forms for signature.

Please note, the GDPE office is not closed and all programmatic services are still available. But while GDPE remains “open” during normal working hours, your GDPE team will be working remotely. If you contact us via email, GDPE staff will be available to meet virtually, though not physically, with students.

  • All classes are going online for the rest of the semester. This includes our ECOL courses.
  • The Distinguished Ecologists Lecture Series will be postponed until next spring (2021). (note: ECOL571 students will coordinate with Mendy Smith about the expectations of the course).
  • Research and Travel grant proposals are still being evaluated. Note that travel (to meetings or field sites) that is slated to occur between now and the end of May could be difficult/impossible. Furthermore, many professional meetings are already being cancelled for the summer.
  • The Graduate School is making adjustments to enable students to continue advancing toward their degree [follow link here for specifics]:
  • Web-based video conferencing is strongly encouraged for committee meetings, exams, and defenses.
  • Signatures for forms can be processed via email by following specific steps (detailed here).
  • The University website for updates on COVID-19 and the impacts to our CSU community.
  • Local government links on COVID-19:
  • CDC:Main information
  • CDC:Reducing stigma
  • State of Colorado
  • Fort Collins

Please make sure to take care of yourselves and each other by washing your hands frequently, supporting each other, and avoiding bias.

If you experience or see an act of bias, please report it.