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CourseCourse TitleTermCourse Description 
ECOL 505Foundations of EcologyFallOverview of the science of ecology; what questions are asked, how they are answered. Prerequisites: One course in ecology CRN: 60162 Credits: 3
ECOL 571Advanced Topics in Ecology Distinguished Ecologists Lecture SeriesSpringCurrent research topics presented and analyzed by visiting scientists. Attend each Distinguished Ecologist seminar during the semester for which you are registered. This course does not meet every week. Prerequisites: One course in ecological principles. Section 001 - MS students. CRN: 18219 Credits: 1; Section 002 - PhD students. CRN: 18220 Credits: 2; Section 003 (intermittently offered; verify prior to registration) - PhD students. - CRN: 21250 Credits: 2
ECOL 592Interdisciplinary Seminars in EcologyFall/SpringConcepts and principles of basic and applied ecology in an interdisciplinary context. Specific topics vary. Prerequisites: One 300- or 400-level course in ecology. Course details and CRNs: ECOL592 Interdisciplinary Seminar Credits: 1 - 3 (vary based on section)
ECOL 600Community Ecology LectureSpringCurrent theories on the dynamics and regulation of populations and communities of organisms. Must enroll in a recitation section. Prerequisites: One course each on general ecology, calculus, and statistics. CRN: 20590 Credits: 3 Recitation: Section R01 - CRN: 20591; Section R02 - CRN: 20592
ECOL 610Ecosystem Ecology LectureFallConcepts, methods, issues in ecosystem science: energy and matter cycling, systems perspectives, simulation modeling, sustainability, global change. Must enroll in a recitation section. Prerequisites: LIFE 320 or any ECOL course. CRN: 66480 Credits: 3 Recitation: Section R01 - CRN: 66481
ECOL 620Applications in Landscape Ecology LectureSpring (Odd years only)Spatial patterning of landscape elements and dynamics of ecological systems; spatial heterogeneity. Influence on biotic and abiotic processes. Prerequisites: Previous coursework in geographic information systems, ecology, statistics, and mathematics. CRN: 66478 Credits: 2
ECOL 693Research Seminars for Professional Communication (written or oral)SpringCritique of research programs, plans, and ecological theory. Prerequisites: Written consent of instructor. Section 001 - Enhancing oral presentation skills. CRN: 18231; Section 002 - Enhancing proposal writing skills. CRN: 18232; Section 003 (intermittently offered; verify prior to registration) - Enhancing proposal writing skills. CRN: 19376 Credits: 1
ECOL 695Independent StudyFall/Spring/SummerRequires a contract, thoroughly outlining the scope of the project, signed by student, instructor and and approved by the Director. Application accessible on the GDPE Forms webpage. Prerequisites: GDPE Approval Fall Semester CRN: 60575 Spring Semester CRN: 10371 Summer Semester CRN: 50821 Credits: 1- 18
ECOL 698ResearchFall/Spring/SummerFall Semester CRN: 60576 Spring Semester CRN: 10372 Summer Semester CRN: 50822 Credits: 1- 18
ECOL 699ThesisFall/Spring/SummerFall Semester CRN: 60277 Spring Semester CRN: 10373 Summer Semester CRN: 50823 Credits: 1- 18
ECOL 799DissertationFall/Spring/SummerFall Semester CRN: 60578 Spring Semester CRN: 10374 Summer Semester CRN: 50824 Credits: 1- 18
Continuous RegistrationFall/Spring/SummerFall Semester CRN: 62570 Spring Semester CRN: 12719 Summer Semester CRN: 45836 Credits: n/a
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