Dan Winkelman and students conduct rainbow trout research in river

The mission of the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology is to provide the highest quality education in ecology through advanced training in current ecological methods, theories, controversies, applications, and teaching methods by drawing on the great depth and breadth of ecological expertise at Colorado State University and in our local community of scientists.

GDPE Community

Students and faculty in GDPE are located across the CSU campus, both physically and departmentally, making GDPE sponsored activities an important opportunity to get to know students and other faculty within the program. We expect our faculty to help maintain and enhance the quality of the GDPE community by attending GDPE seminars and social events, participating in the Front Range Student Ecology Symposium (e.g., serving as a judge, attending talks, posters, panel discussions, and the awards banquet), and occasionally teaching courses (e.g., participation in ECOL courses and seminars, and departmental courses with substantial ecological content).

GDPE Organizational Structure

The program is led by the Director, with the Senior Ecologist providing vision and leadership and teaching in the core curriculum. An Executive Committee guides the program direction; this committee comprises representatives from each of the Colleges, two at-large members and two student representatives. The Director reports to the Deans of the College of Natural Sciences and the Warner College of Natural Resources. The Program Coordinator works with current and prospective faculty and students in the daily operations of the program.