Welcome 2022 Cohort!
An important part of graduate education is the opportunity to interact with students and faculty from diverse fields within ecology. That continues to be true during the pandemic. Reach out to anyone in the community - we are here to help.
Opportunities across disciplines
Our curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive--our students emerge from the program as highly competent and skilled graduates.
Room to grow
The GDPE curriculum is designed to provide a breadth and depth of training to MS and PhD students, who will emerge from the program as highly competent and skilled graduates.
Fall Picnic 2021
Students, faculty, and their families gathered at Spring Creek Park for a COVID friendly get together to start off the semester.
Ski Trip 2022
Students came together for a fun day on the slopes to start off the Spring semester.

About GDPE

The mission of the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology is to provide the highest quality education in ecology through advanced training in current ecological methods, theories, controversies, applications, and teaching methods by drawing on the great depth and breadth of ecological expertise at Colorado State University and in our local community of scientists. We follow CSU’s Principles of Community in our work, which focus on inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice.

GDPE Ecologists in the News

solar panels

GDPE Senior Ecologist Alan Knapp is part of a team researching “agrivoltaic” systems: farms that use a combination of solar panels alongside crops.


Dr. Ruth Hufbauer and Dr. Meena Balgopal of GDPE have helped start an interdisciplinary project to promote gender equity in STEM disciplines across campus.

A team of Researchers led by GDPE researcher Dr. Meena Balgopal studied how novice STEM teachers adapt to disruptions due to COVID-19.

GDPE Ecologists Recent Publications

pine cone

GDPE PhD candidate Andreas Wion is a co-author on three papers in the December 2021 issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. GDPE faculty Ian Pearse and Miranda Redmond are also co-authors.


GDPE PhD student Olivia Hajek and Senior Ecologist Alan Knapp explore the shift in water availability during each season as the result of climate change.


Recent PhD graduate Ram B. Gurung and GDPE faculty Stephen Ogle studied the effectiveness of enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers on N2O mitigation.