Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence
GDPE is among a select group of programs that have achieved great distinction and set a standard for excellence in research, teaching and service that may serve as a model for programs throughout the institution and externally.
Welcome 2021 Cohort!
An important part of graduate education is the opportunity to interact with students and faculty from diverse fields within ecology. That continues to be true during the pandemic. Reach out to anyone in the community - we are here to help.
Opportunities across disciplines
Our curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive--our students emerge from the program as highly competent and skilled graduates.
Room to grow
The GDPE curriculum is designed to provide a breadth and depth of training to MS and PhD students, who will emerge from the program as highly competent and skilled graduates.
Students, faculty, and their families gathered at Spring Creek Park for a COVID friendly get together to start off the semester.

Upcoming events

CSU Graduate Student Showcase: November 8th
Visiting Distinguished Ecologist Sally Aitken: November 17th

Find the full list of events for the year here.

Our Program

GDPE ranks among the nation’s top Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Programs. We have an an ongoing tradition of research excellence, publication and post-graduate placement.

Curriculum & Courses

GDPE’s degree programs are rigorous and comprehensive–our students emerge from the program highly competent and skilled.


GDPE is recognized as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence at Colorado State University. Our students and faculty are engaged in research across all levels of ecology.

Front Range Student Ecology Symposium

The FRSES offers students in environmental science, conservation biology, ecology, and related fields an opportunity to present work, share ideas and meet other participants from across Colorado.

Individuals interested in joining our program are encouraged to visit in mid-February during FRSES. It’s a great time to talk with students and faculty in GDPE.