Instructions for Hosts

Schedule Overview


  • 3:30pm Coffee, tea and cookies
  • 4pm Seminar
  • 5pm Reception

For visiting speakers in Spring, on Thursdays

  • 11am workshop or chalk talk with ECOL 571 students
  • 12-1:30pm lunch with ECOL 571 students
  • Reception at the host’s house (as feasible, see below)

Host Responsibilities

  1. Be in close contact with the Program Coordinator (Dawn) to provide:
    • 3 potential dates
    • Draft seminar title
    • Photo of the speaker
  2. If seminar is in Spring, email the Program Coordinator with:
    • Two papers selected for the ECOL 571 class to read
  3. Organize and distribute the schedule
    • Please start this at least three weeks in advance
    • Arrange for meals as well
  4. Introduce the speaker at the start of the seminar
  5. Organize the pick-up/drop-off of the speaker from the airport
    • Often a student will pick up or drop off, for some additional low-stress time with the speaker. Mileage can be reimbursed using the Mileage Reimbursement Form.
    • Alternatively, the speaker can take a Groome shuttle. Dawn (the Program Coordinator) can arrange that given adequate notice.
  6. Organize small group meals of 3-7 people including the speaker, host, faculty, and students (these meals are separate from the ECOL 571 student lunch). These meals can be reimbursed.
  7. Prior to COVID, receptions on Thursday were held at the host’s house. If that is possible again, organize, pay for, and request reimbursement for the reception (if not possible, please plan dinner out with a small group on Thursday)
    • Estimated attendance: 20-40 people
    • Total budget of $600
      • $200 (1/3) of the $600 in alcohol maximum
    • Example Menu (from Fiona’s Deli)
      • 1 large Antipasto platter
      • 1 small Savory cheese display
      • other favorites
Rising Star Distinguished Ecologist Dr. Ambika Kamath Spring 2023
Resident Distinguished Ecologist Dr. Scott Denning Spring 2022
Reception for Dr. Alonso Ramirez Spring 2022

Program Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Reserve seminar and workshop venues and rooms for ECOL 571
  • Order tea and reception menus
  • Order lunch for ECOL 571 students
  • Arrange travel
  • Send W-9 to speakers from out of town
  • Make hotel reservations

Science Communication Fellow Responsibilities

  • Create and distribute posters/advertisements
  • Post speaker information on website