The GDPE curriculum is designed to balance providing the fundamentals of ecology that unite students in our program with allowing customization for each student’s individualized scholarly pursuits. There are four courses required of all MS and PhD students: Foundations of Ecology (ECOL 505), Distinguished Ecologists Lecture Series (ECOL 571), Interdisciplinary Seminars in Ecology (ECOL 592), and Research Seminar (ECOL 693). These required courses provide the common foundation for all GDPE students and ensure that all students engage in key intellectual opportunities within the program. The many different electives available allow students to specialize and customize their individual MS or PhD degree.

More information on specific course availability throughout the year can be found in the CSU Catalog.
If you have questions about specific non-ECOL courses listed below, please reach out to the department or instructor directly.

Recommendations for First Years:

(Fall): ECOL 505 – Ecology Fundamentals
(Spring): ECOL 693 – 
Research Seminars for Professional Communication

Continuous Registration:

(Fall): CRN #62570
(Spring): CRN #12719
(Summer): CRN #45836 

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