Fall 2016 New Students & Grad Student Mentors

The Colorado State University (CSU) Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE) is an interdisciplinary program for students with interests in a wide range of ecological subjects. GDPE is designed as a Special Academic Unit (SAU) and is organizationally housed in the Graduate School.

Students enrolled in GDPE meet degree requirements by taking several core courses in ecology, a variety of other courses, and by completing original research or a major project. Faculty advisors have the primary responsibility for overseeing the graduate student’s program along with their committee.

Students are “dual citizens” where their degree is in Ecology and their advising department is the department where their faculty advisor is located.

New Student Resources

Establish Colorado Residency ASAP

Start early!

Colorado residents pay significantly lower tuition than non-residents. If a student’s out-of-state tuition is being paid by the Graduate School for their first year at CSU, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain CO residency by the time their second year starts. The GDPE and advising department advisors may not remind the student, and the assistantship will not cover the additional expense of out-of-state tuition during the second year.

Read about Residency Classification in Colorado.

1) New Student Orientation – GDPE

Fall '20 Date TBA

Location TBA

Fall & Spring New Student Orientations are a chance for new students and faculty to meet each other, meet GDPE Graduate Student Mentors & staff, learn about the program, and have fun with their new Ecology family!

2) New Student Orientation – Graduate School

Fall '20 Thursday, August 20th

Location LSC: Grand Ballroom

Students are encouraged to attend the Graduate School’s campus-wide New Graduate Student Orientation.

Get Your CSU eID

Every CSU student and employee must have an eID. Students use eID to to access central services including RAMweb, CSU Google Apps email, college services, and more.

Visit eIdentity to get yours now.

Register for Classes

RAMweb provides online access to application status, registration, financial information, personal records, jobs, and more for applicants, new, and current students.

Get Your Student ID

Students must be admitted and registered for the current semester to be eligible for a  student ID (RamCard).  Housing & Dining Services issue RamCards year-round.

Student Health Insurance

Students will be enrolled in the University’s health program, or they may elect coverage under their own insurance or through another employer. The Graduate School has more information about the policy.

Update Contact Information

Update your mailing address, telephone number, and email address associated with your eID at RAMweb. This information is your primary contact information and may be used to contact you about registration, program events, and more.

Campus Computer Access

Contact your advising department’s IT Coordinator to register your computer and gain access to advising department networks, drives, printers, and more.


Graduate students are usually issued keys to their offices, labs, and their corresponding buildings. Ask your advising department Program Coordinator how to request keys.


Graduate student mailboxes are provided by your advising department. Ask your advising department Program Coordinator where the graduate student mailboxes are located.

Mail is distributed and picked up daily. On-campus mail does not require postage and usually takes three days to reach its destination. Off-campus mail requires an account number and Postage Accounting Form. Ask your Lab Coordinator, advising department Advisor, or advising department Program Coordinator for more information about accounting and processing off-campus mail.

Be sure to use your advising department delivery code for your campus address. Using the GDPE campus delivery code will delay your mail.

1) GDPE Program Listserv

GDPE has multiple listservs for academic, program, and job announcements that are sent out in a GDPE Weekly Digest and as seperate emails. Graduate students are added to the GDPE students’ listserv once they are admitted into the program. When a student leaves the program, their email is automatically moved from the student to general announcements listserv.

2) GDPE Social Listserv

For non-program, non-academic, political, housing, and social information, sign up for the GDPE Social Listserv which is managed by GDPE students. After your enrollment has been approved, you do not need permission to send an email, just be respectful of the number of emails people receive when considering if you want to send one.