Ruth Hufbauer

Dr. Ruth Hufbauer
(970) 491-6945

Contact Ruth with general questions, including about:
• Curriculum
• Resident Ecologist, Alumnus, Visiting Distinguished Ecologists
• Budgets
• Alumni relations and development

Jennifer Neuwald

Dr. Jennifer Neuwald
Assistant Director
(970) 491-2796

Contact Jennifer for help with:
• Understanding the degree plans
• Advice about courses and your committee
• GDPE small grants
• The Front Range Student Ecology Symposium (FRSES)

Dawn M. Koschnitzki
Program Coordinator
(970) 491-4373

Contact Dawn for help with:
• Understanding forms and proceedures
• Overrides
• General help and trouble shooting

Alan Knapp

Dr. Alan Knapp
Senior Ecologist
(970) 491-7010

Alan is knowledgeable about all aspects of the program. He teaches some core Ecol classes, and represents us within and outside the university.

Executive Committee Membership

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