Annual Student Progress Report

The successful progress, accomplishments, and goals of students in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology shall be reviewed annually by the student with their advisor and committee before being submitted to the program administration. This report is intended to facilitate those discussions, provide an opportunity for the student to reflect on their professional goals, and develop expectations for the up-coming year. It will also become part of your official GDPE file and may be used for evaluating merit for GDPE awards.
  • This report should be completed once per calendar year (January-December) and submitted by February 1.
  • Please save the file as: “doc” for example: Carson_Rachel_ProgRpt_2021.doc
  • Students: please complete Sections I-V of this report and forward a copy to your advisor.
  • Advisors: please complete Section VI of this report and then email the final report back to your student.
  • Students: please upload the final document below and click submit

Annual Student Progress Report

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, Max. file size: 40 MB.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The GDPE program strongly encourages the adoption of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each MS and PhD student in our program. Creating IDPs is the first recommendation of the DEI Strategic Plan. The IDP is intended to be a working document to guide new and continuing graduate students in identifying, pursuing, and meeting their professional and personal goals. They also can be used to provide transparency and accountability and to guide successful working relationships between graduate students and their advisors. Best practice is to implement IDPs as part of a regular and consistent mentoring activity that starts within the first year of study and is updated annually. However, an IDP can be helpful at any stage in the student’s graduate career and is most productive when students work in consultation with their advisor.

This document has been customized by the GDPE DEI committee and program staff for you, GDPE graduate students, to be used in conjunction with our Annual Progress Report while reducing overlap between the two. Many IDP templates are available in a wide variety of formats, and graduate students and advisors can use a different template or create one their own if the choice is agreed upon by both parties.

An IDP helps students to assess and evaluate their own skills and aptitudes, and determine an appropriate set of goals for utilizing their skills and aptitudes to pursue their long-term professional and personal goals they have after graduation.

The document is student-driven, and meant to be revised or updated periodically, to capture a student’s changing set of tools, values, and interests, and adjust their goals in conjunction with the resources available to them in their programs, and at their institutions, in their intended areas of expertise.

The IDP template should be completed by both the graduate student (section A) and the main faculty advisor (section B), and both sections should be discussed together. Used yearly, the document allows students to identify short-term and medium-term steps for longer-term career and personal goals, while refining their goals through program-level mentorship. This is also an opportunity for the advisor to make sure they clearly articulate goals with the student, devise new plans and provide support and guidance when expectations are not met, but also provide praise when expectations are met or exceeded.

Students and advisors should save the IDP for their records. There is no need to submit a copy to GDPE.

Mentor-Mentee Relationship Guidelines

Please download the adjacent document where you will find an exercise meant to be completed by mentors and their mentees. This will help clarify each of your expectations about the student’s degree program, and to facilitate conversations about areas where expectations might differ. This is particularly important to do early in a student’s degree, but any time can be helpful, and repeating this annually is a great idea.